Human Rights Watch

Violet Andrew Saliu

Human Rights Watch, formally named Helsinki watch, is an international non-governmental organisation founded in 1978. The international organization investigate, reports and advocates on human rights all over the world. For decades, Human Rights Watch has striven in its advocacy against issues concerning violation of human rights, by putting pressures on nations, human rights abusers, policy makers to shun human rights violation and respect human rights, by working with children, refugees, migrants and many more. Over the years, Human Rights Watch has investigated and report on several human rights abuses by informing the world about these violations and the need to address these issues. The organization partners with small and large organizations globally to protect besieged activist and hold abusers to account and bring justice to victims. It also, rejects funding from governments and corporate ties, to ensure its independence.

At present, its topics spans across issues such as, child’s rights, women’s rights torture, LGBT rights, Refugee rights etc.

Child rights: across the world, so many children lack access to education, end up as child soldier, and work in dangerous conditions for long hours. These children are easily exploited because they are young. in some cases, children experience abuse from immediate family and individuals who were meant to protect them. Human rights watch helps to protect such children to develop into adult around the world.

Women’s Rights: Human Rights Watch works towards the realization of women’s empowerment and gender equality, protecting the rights and improving the lives of women and girls. Despite great steps made by the international women’s rights movement for decades, around the world, women and girls are still child brides, trafficked into sex slavery, refused access to education and political involvement, while some are trapped in conflicts where rape is committed as a weapon of war.

LGBT rights: Human Rights Watch advocates for policies and laws that protects the dignity of everyone, by documenting and exposing sexual orientation and identity-based abuses globally, such torture, killing, arrest, unequal treatment, job, health and housing discrimination, etc. As people constantly face inequality, violence and in cases torture, even death, as a result of their choice of who they love. Human Rights Watch works for gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual peoples’ rights, and with activists in lieu of a diversity of issues and identities. So, everyone can exercise and enjoy their fundamental human rights.

Refugees Rights: the international non-governmental organization defends the rights of refugees, displaced people and asylum seekers globally. By advocating for governments to improve access to asylum, stop forced returns, and ensure that all migrants are treated with dignity and regard for their basic human rights. In addition, it responds to emergencies and chronic situations, while specifically focusing on detailing government efforts to block access to asylum, forcefully return asylum seekers to where their life is threatened and deprive them of their rights to fair hearings of their refugee claims.

Torture: The prohibition against torture is a foundation principle of international law. Torture, and cruel, inhuman treatment, is generally banned, even during war. Several countries and armed groups have involved in torture. Human Rights Watch is committed to putting pressure on governments authorities to act towards preventing torture and bring violators to justice. Through documenting the use of torture all over the world. Also, it works to ensure that victims of torture get reparation. This are some, but not all the topics it covers as its works on other issues of human rights and so far the organization has helped to bring awareness to situations and violation of human rights in different parts of the world, such as the recent clampdown on freedom of assembly in Russia, the new Alabama abortion ban and so many other cases around the world.


Human Rights Watch:

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