Adelayo Banjo

Save the Children is an international organisation concerned with raising awareness on children’s rights globally. It has existed for over ninety years with its first work done in 1919 during the First World War. The Organisation works via its various branches in almost all the countries of the world. It saves lives through humanitarian responses to emergencies which are caused by natural disasters, outbreak of diseases, armed conflict, and migration.

Some of the current works of the Organisation are:

1. Yemen: The Organisation has provided humanitarian aid and also raised alarm about the cholera outbreak in Yemen as a result of recent heavy rains, flash floods, fuel shortages and ongoing fighting. Fuel shortages and a spike in fuel prices are limiting the pumping of sewage, clean water supply and garbage collection. As at April 2019, about 105,384 children under fifteen have been suspected of having cholera. The Organisation is currently responding to the cholera outbreak in 7 locations in Yemen by providing treatment in diarrheal treatment centres and basic first aid for acute watery diarrheal cases. At community level, the Organisation is training volunteers on cholera messaging to help children and families stay safe, and also distributing hygiene kits.[i]

2. Mexico: The Organisation is working to prevent child violence, child marriage, child labour and child migration. The Organisation does this by raising awareness about the devastating consequences of these events in the future of the children.[ii]

3. Mali: The Organisation has been worked in Mali for decades with its concentration on the health and nutrition, education, protection and livelihoods of Malian children. These areas are backed by strong advocacy work to influence policies for a better living environment for children. The Organisation covers seven regions and the district of Bamako with programs operating in 486 municipalities and reach vulnerable communities, particularly children from 5862 villages.[iii]

The above list is not exhaustive as the Organisation works tirelessly to ensure that the future of every child is secure and has launched a campaign in every country in respect of this. The theme of the campaign is “Every Last Child.” According to the Organisation, every last child has the right to survive, learn and be protected and the goal is to ensure that over the next three years, 15 million of the world’s excluded children have access to life-saving healthcare and quality education – contributing towards progress on the 2030 global goals that prevents 600,000 child deaths and helps 50 million more children to learn.[iv]

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