The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)

Nuray Gündoğdu

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) is a non-governmental human rights organization which was founded by 20 human rights organisations in 1922. It is the second oldest international human rights organisation after Anti-Slavery International in the world. The organization is federating 184 organisations in 112 countries now. The Federation defends the philosophy that human rights are the basis of a society where equality, human dignity and freedom are assured.

FIDH is an apolitical and non-profit organisation and it is independent of any government. Its main aim is to promote respect for all human rights regulated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It defends that all men and women should be equal and enjoy human rights which all people have just because of that they are human beings; also children should be protected and they should have specific protection and rights. The Federation works for the implementation of all international and regional documents concerning civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights according to Article 1 of its statutes.

The federation organises congresses, make annual reports to protect and promote human rights. For example, FIDH defended human rights in countries which were a part of Arab Spring. For instance, the federation struggled to place human rights at core of the transitional regime’s reforms in Libya.

The International Federation for Human Rights organises and promotes collaborations with intergovernmental organisations. Its actions are based on three pillars: securing the freedom and capacity to act for human rights defenders, the universality of rights and their effectiveness. Actions of federation support organisations to solve human rights problems and strengthen democratic processes.

Federation responds to the demands of its members in armed conflict or politically disputed countries. It organizes investigation trips, mobilizing the international community through international, regional organizations, third countries and other levels of authorities.

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