If women’s social position is lower structurally, we still need feminism

I am somewhat sad that many people these days forget the true meaning of International Women’s Day.

In my opinion, getting flowers from guys and getting free drinks from the bar on women’s day are not the things that we should make the celebration of women’s day.

I think women’s day is the day to think about women’s position in our society. To acknowledge and think of why women’s social position has been traditionally lower than men’s. To celebrate the struggles of many feminists thanks to whom this position has somewhat progressed compared to before.

But there are still many things which are against women’s rights. Economically, there is a huge payment gap between men and women and there is a glass ceiling which blocks women from getting higher positions in different fields. Socially, large amount of women have experienced sexual harassment and even today the victims of sexual crimes are blamed.

If you agree with me and you think that women’s social position is STRUCTURALLY lower than men’s , WE STILL NEED FEMINISM!

Do you agree? Check some of these simple facts and decide!


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